Organized medicine developed in Atlanta, in 1854, with the establishment of the Atlanta Medical College and the Brotherhood of Physicians, soon after known as the Atlanta Medical Society, later known as the Medical Association of Atlanta.

This professional association for physicians built the Academy of Medicine in 1941 to serve as their headquarters, central meeting place and training center for their prestigious interns and society members.

The Academy of Medicine, is an excellent example of Neo-Classical architecture. The building project was supervised by R. Kennon Perry (1890-1954) but the design is attributed to renowned Atlanta architect Philip Trammel Shutze (1890-1982), both of the architectural firm Hentz, Adler and Shutze. The Academy of Medicine was one of the few non-residential projects by Shutze's, who was well known for designing prominent Atlanta homes, such as The Swan House. The building was dedicated on December 11th, 1941.

Over the next 30 years members of the Medical Association of Atlanta used their new home to share ideas and discuss medical techniques and theories…

An emphasis on specializations within medical professions and increased access to medical information through hospital libraries and conferences reduced the demand for use of the building; leaving it in disuse and disrepair by the late 1970’s.

In 1981 the medical society leased the building and property to a non-profit corporation, the Atlanta Medical Heritage, Inc. The non–profit organization was responsible for raising funds and supervising a planned restoration of the building, completed in 1983. The restoration made the building rentable for meeting and office space, as well as for special events.

In 2008, the Atlanta Medical Heritage Inc. conveyed the Academy of Medicine building and property to the Georgia Tech Foundation Inc. for the benefit of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Institute started a 6 million dollar, 18 month renovation in 2010. In celebration of the building’s 70th Anniversary, on December 11th, 2011 the building re-opened its doors for the Institute and community use.

(The above was written in reference to the article found  http://www.nps.gov/)

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